Top 10 Closest US Allies in 2018

One question that crosses every American’s mind is that Who are the strongest US Allies? Which country is the closest ally of United States of America? Here is the list of 10 countries that are USA Allies.

United States proved its global supremacy in World War 2. But it was the cold war with Soviet Union that made US to be global leader and sole superpower. U.S. was very much determined to outdo its enemy in the field of science, technology, culture and economy. Under the guidance of world class leaders, engineers, scientists and tech enthusiasts, US aced in every field of development. By 1990, US was globally accepted as Superpower and world leader.

But this does not mean that every country loves America. Russia and China have proved on several occasions that they dislike America. It became important for America to count down its allies and also keep an eye on opposing forces.

According to a report on country alliances 2017, these were the ten countries that were considered as the strongest allies of America:

US Allies

10. India
US Allies
India’s rise in recent times has increased US interest in the country. US know that China and Russia will be on opposing side if a world war happens. US also know that Pakistan cannot be trusted. So to improve its presence in Asia, US took side of India. India too accepted US to be its ally. Even though India has favoured Russia over America in past but in recent times US and India has become close companion. It is fair to say that India is one of the closest US allies in 2017. Barack Obama stated on various occasion that how important US considers India. On the other hand, India too knows that China and Pakistan can attack the country anytime. In fact China and Pakistan are following a well discussed strategy to corner India and occupy Kashmir. In such situation India surely needs a superpower support. It depends how US will respond if any misfortune happens between these Asian countries. US President Donald Trump also said that he love Hinduism and Hindus which suggest that Trump will work with India in 2017 and coming years. As of Now India is the top most ally of America in South East Asia.
9. Germany
US Allies
Germany and US have Love hate relationship. It comes as a surprise to many that even though the two countries share a bitter past yet Germany is close among America’s allies. Germany fought against America in the two world wars. The relationship between two countries improved after the 1980s. It was early 90s when US was accepted as the superpower of the world and Germany decided to improve its friendship with the country. The two countries signed several pact and treaties to strengthen their relationship. German Chancellor Angela Merkel played a key role in improving relationship between the two countries. As of today, Germany supports US in many global issues and US too support Germany on many fronts.
8. Mexico
US Allies
US surely know that neighbour plays a key role in global supremacy. That is why US maintains a strong relationship with Mexico. US and Mexico shares a strong cultural, military and economic relationship. Even though US blame Mexico for drug trafficking and illegal immigration yet it knows that Mexico is one of the most important allies of America. Both countries know that drug and land dispute is a common problem and they need each other to fight these enemies. US signed many treaties with Mexico and the two countries strongly support each other.
7. South Korea
US Allies
For those who don’t know – This is the Korea that is not ruled by the evil Dictator. South Korea is known for its pro American policies whereas North Korea is known for its strong oppose of US. This hate of North Korea and love of South Korea dates back to the Korean War days. US sent its military for the aid of the South Korea. Not only had this but US later helped to establish the economy and culture of the country. Today US have declared South Korea to be its closest Non-NATO Ally. South Korea on the other hand openly allows US’ military presence in the country.
6. Japan
US Allies
Japan Bombed US. US Bombed Japan. Still Japan is among the closest USA allies. How is this possible, you might ask? United States felt that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were way too extreme measures. To improve things, USA agreed to share technology with Japan. Japan is a peaceful country so it readily accepted the peace treaty after the Second World War. The two countries share a strong expertise in the fields on science and technology. Japan has proved that it is technically advance than many other developed countries. On the other hand, US is very much impressed from the Japanese culture. Japanese Anime finds a huge audience among Americans. The two countries are going strong every year and they will be best of friends for coming decades as well.
5. France
US Allies
When France was attacked by ISIS terrorists in 2015 and 2016, US strongly opposed the attacks. In September 2001, France turned off the lights on Eifel tower and several other monuments to criticize the terrorist attack on US. This shows that how much these two countries respect and love each other. US have often called France to be its younger brother. In fact the US government has often stated France to be the strongest United States allies. Even though the two countries have troubled relationship in mid 2000s due to Iraq war, yet they both know that how much they need each other. France and US have been allies for centuries and they would continue to be best of friends in coming centuries too.
4. Australia
US Allies
Australia is among top American allies. America has been involved in many wars including the two world wars, Vietnam War, Korean war, Afghanistan war, Gulf war, Cold war with soviet union and the recent on-going war with ISIS. In every single war there has been one constant supporter and ally of America and that is Australia. The two nations have signed multiple treaties to ensure that there is a fair trade of weapon, technology and services between the two countries. One most important treaty among them is ANZUS. It is a treaty between Australia, New Zealand and U.S. According to this treaty, the three nations are obliged to help each other in global conflicts (specially in the Pacific region).
3. Israel
US Allies
Many people do not know that Israel is one of the most important U.S. allies. Israel and US have different cultures. US often gave controversial statement on Israel-Palestine conflict. Still Israel strongly supports USA. US also know that Israel is their only supporter in the middle-east. The tie between these two countries is beyond weapon trade. Many intelligence agencies of various countries have stated that Israel’s intelligent agency Mossad has worked together with US intelligence agency CIA and FBI in the past. In 2000, Mossad even warned FBI and CIA that several terrorist organizations are planning to carry out a large scale attack on US. Mossad was right as few months later, the world trade centre was attacked by terrorists.
2. Canada
US Allies
Canada and US set an example for world on how two neighbouring countries could be good friends. Of All US Closest Allies Canada holds a very special place. Canada and United States have very strong trading bonds. Canada has such strong bond with America that lot of Americans consider Canada to be second home. In fact many Americans claimed that they will prefer to live in Canada after 2016 if a wrong person gets elected as President. When Donald Trump was elected as President in November 2016, the Canadian immigrant website crashed. You will find a lot of Canadian artists actively working in USA’s film and music industry. WWE has many wrestlers of Canadian origin.
1. Britain
US Allies
United States got independence from Great Britain in 1776. The two countries were on war in the 1700s and had conflicts in the later centuries but still Britain is the greatest ally of U.S. Britain and America have a very special and close relationship. The two countries supported each other in the two world wars. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the two countries share a common culture. A lot of British actors and directors work in Hollywood movies while many American actors find a huge fan base in Britain. As long as these two countries are together no other country in the world would dare to mess with them. That’s for Sure.

So this was the list of top 10 US allies. Who do you think is the strongest ally of America? With which country America should improve its relations?

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