Top 4 Best Town Hall 3 Attack Strategies In Clash of Clans 2018

You can max out your town hall 2 with in a day and upgrade to the next TH – Town hall 3 in 3 hours. The best thing about Town hall 3 is that you can rebuild your clan castle and join a clan. Why is it important to join a clan? - Because you can get stronger troops in your clan castle that you can use in attack. So make sure you join a clan that donate troops and also play clan wars regularly.

When you rebuild clan castle at town hall 3 it has troop capacity of 10 and you can ask for either balloons or giants because you can easily dominate any town hall (3 or lower) with these clan troops. Another good thing about Town hall 3 is that you unlock the laboratory in which you can upgrade your troops.

Town hall 3 will also unlock one extra barrack and your maximum troop capacity can be increased to 70. Here are 4 best attack strategies for Town Hall 3 –

4. 4 Giant Plus 50 Archer –
Giant attack defences. Giant plus archer will work well too. This attack is best if you have any troop in clan especially if balloon or giant. It is not the best attack strategy at town hall 3 because it is way too costly. But if used effectively you can win over any base.
town hall 3 attack strategiestown hall 3 attack strategies
3. 4 Giant Plus 50 Barbarians –
You can replace archers with Barbarians in the above strategy and the result will be even better.
town hall 3 attack strategiestown hall 3 attack strategies
2. 50 Barbarians 20 Archers –
Barbarians plus Archers are actually the most lovable combo in clash of clans. At town hall 5 or lower you can easily win any base with this combo. It is bit costly compared to the best attack strategy for town hall 3 but still it is widely used by clashers.
town hall 3 attack strategiestown hall 3 attack strategies
The all barbarian strategy still gets an upper hand over BARCH at town hall 3. This is because 70 barbarians have more hit points and damage per second than BARCH. Also the walls of opponent bases are weaker and they can be easily destroyed be barbarians. Plus it is cost effective than BARCH.
town hall 3 attack strategies
So these are the best attack strategies for Town Hall 3.

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