Top 4 Best Town Hall 2 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans 2018

You are moved to Town Hall 2 by the game itself. As soon as you finish your Goblin missions the village helper asks you to upgrade your Town Hall to second level. Most people get attracted to the new troops, defenses and other buildings that they unlock at town hall 2. So, many people start rushing town hall and ruin their game play. Remember One Golden Rule – DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR TOWN HALL UNTIL AND UNLESS YOUR VILLAGE BASE IS MAXED OUT.

To help you upgrade your buildings (resource, army and defense) you need to store the required amount of elixir or gold in your storage. There are two ways to do this – 1. Either waits for your Gold Mine and Elixir collector to fill up your storage which will take days or simple loot other village bases.

Beginners get confused about attacking other villages because they get a shield of 3 days and they do not wish to lose it. Let me tell you a secret, that shield is worth nothing. Firstly you do not have enough elixir or gold at the time that any other clasher will attack you. Secondly, even if you get attacked then you will regain the shield of 12 to 16 hours (depending on the damage handled by your village). So the best advice is to lose yourself free and attack other villages so that you can upgrade Town Hall 2 more effectively.

Here we discuss the very best attack strategies that you can try at town hall 2. First you should know that you will have 2 barracks at town hall 2 and you will unlock 4 troops – Barbarian, Archer, Giants and Goblins. You might get attracted to Giants or Archers at this stage but trust me there are no better and cost effective troops at town hall 2 than Barbarians. So here the 4 best town hall 2 attack strategies –


All Archers will be a costly army and you might not score 100% on opponent base. Use it only if you want to learn how to use archer at a smaller town hall.

town hall 2 attack strategies

Although Goblins require same resource cost and have more damage per second than Barbarians but they have low hit points (less than half) as compared to barbarians. The only plus point would be that Goblins will loot resource first (with double damage per second). But a well-placed cannon and Archer tower can kill all your goblins before they start their party.

town hall 2 attack strategies

2. BARCH (20 Barbarians Plus 10 Archers) -
Barbarians plus Archers (called as BARCH affectionately) is one of the best army combo at lower town hall levels but you don’t have to use it at town hall 2 itself. This will be a costly army and remember at town hall 2 even 100 elixir matters a lot.

town hall 2 attack strategiestown hall 2 attack strategies

At town hall 2 you have 1 army camp with troop capacity 30. Believe it or not but 30 barbarians are more than enough to overcome any base of town hall 1 or town hall 2. You will hardly find any base well equipped with walls. Plus there will be nor mortar that can kill an army of barbarians in one splash. The cost effective Barbarians is all you need to loot any village base at town hall 2.

town hall 2 attack strategies

So these are the best attack strategies for town hall 2 players. See you in the next episode where we discuss how we can score 100% victory at town hall 3.