Top 50 Social Networking Sites (2018)

Everyone knows about free social networking sites like facebook and twitter. But there are paid social networking sites too that provide better services in exchange for money.

There were times when people really cared for others. It was among the top priorities of every religion to love every other being on the face of the earth. Today our planet is inhabited by more than 7 billion people yet we have turned into socially awkward and self-centered generation. Thanks to social networking sites that were originally meant to connect people of different parts of the world but are now left only to showcase the NUMBER of friends and followers a person have. This is different topic though but still one should think about the kind of generation ours have become.

On the other hand, Here are 50 Most popular social networking sites:

Social Networking Websites

50. CafeMom
Social Networking Sites
CafeMom is successor of ClubMom website that was founded in 1999. Cafemom is mainly targeted to mothers and babies. It basically help connecting mothers around the globe while discussing topics regarding pregnancies and new born babies. CafeMom has nearly 8.2 Million unique visitors per month.
49. Spring.Me
Social Networking Sites
SpringMe was acquired by which itself is a part of Meetic (a UK based dating site). SpringMe is very popular dating site.
48. Netlog
Social Networking Sites
Netlog is a Belgian social networking site which is more popular for its gaming and chat interface. It was founded in 1999 and it became more popular after it allowed people to create their own pages.
47. Skyrock
Social Networking Sites
French Social Networking Site Skyrock is more popular due to its blog syndicating service. It allows people to create blog and share their views and thoughts via blog posts.
46. Cloob
Social Networking Sites
Iranian Social networking Site came into existence after was banned by Iranian Government. The website is strictly dedicated to Iranian people as it is available only in Persian language.
45. Kaixin001
Social Networking Sites
Just as weird is the name of this Chinese Social Networking Website is, as weird is the games it offers. Kaixin001 is mainly popular due to its gaming interface where is allows people to play game like Friends for Sale, Parking Wars, Where I Have been and iLike.
44. Mixi
Social Networking Sites
Japanese Social networking website Mixi is a blend of blogging, gaming and social networking. You can play games, write journals and make new friends at
43. XING
Social Networking Sites
Xing was founded in 2003 in Germany with a common goal of providing social networking platform to people who are looking for jobs and who want to advance their careers. Xing is available in multiple languages and is used by people all around the globe.
42. Vkontakte
Social Networking Sites
VK is the largest social networking website in Europe. It is listed in Alexa’s top 500 sites in the world (Rank 22). VK is very popular among Russians.
41. Yelp.Inc
Social Networking Sites
Yelp is a Review and rating website that rate local business specially restaurants and hotels. It also provide a social networking interface for people to interact.