14 Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions (2018)

There are many popular myths and legends that people believe to be true. Here we debunk 14 most common misconceptions and popular myths.

Little Finger once said Knowledge is Power. With this power one can rule Kingdoms and on a minor scale can debunks popular myths and common misconceptions. Each civilizations and generation has its own set of myths and misconceptions. Some were weird and strange while others were more convincing. We surely have advanced into a much intelligent species yet there are many myths that dissolve the line between fact and fiction. To make you see more clearly and to give you the power of knowledge, here we presents 14 popular myths and common misconceptions:

Popular Myths Debunked

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: Human have only 5 senses - Touch, Smell, See, Hear and Taste
Popular Myths
This theory was popularly given by Greek Philosopher Aristotle in 340 BC. He said that Human have only 5 senses namely Smell, Hear, See, Touch and Taste. However, there are nearly 20 senses human have including pain, balance, acceleration, body position and relative temperature.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: Sharks don’t get Cancer.
Popular Myths
Even though there is a whole book with the same title by Avery Publishing but contrary to this popular belief SHARKS CAN GET CANCER. Due to the popularity of book, their was a huge rise in the sale of Shark cartilages but eventually it was found out that sharks are not immune to cancer.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: GoldFish (and Many other Fishes) have 3 seconds memory.
Popular Myths
GoldFish have a much larger memory span and it depends on individual fish but it can lasts weeks to months. In fact to prove this fact many goldfish were trained to respond to music and lights.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: Fingernails and Hair Keeps on Growing after Death.
Popular Myths
You Die, Your Body Die, Your Bodily Function Dies and that’s it. This is what Death Is. The myth popularized that fingernails and hair grow after death is because a dead body starts shrinking and thus shrinks away from bases of hairs and fingernails. This gives the false appearance of growing hairs.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: Duck Quack Does Not Echo.
Popular Myths
You might have read this countless times on the last page of your classmate notebook. But it is not true. A Duck Quack does echo. Its just that the echo is not in our hearing range so human ears can not hear it.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: Bacteria on the floor takes 5 second to inhabit the food fell on ground.
Popular Myths
FALSE. It only takes a second. As soon as your food falls on ground the bacteria present their would make it its new home.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: If a penny fell from a very tall building to someone’s head then it might kill the victim.
Popular Myths
The building in this myth is often used as the Empire state building of New York which among the tallest buildings in world. This however does not hold true. You can go and throw a coin from the top of mount Everest and it still will not crack the land (given that the coin directly falls on the earth surface). Human body is a marvel of nature. A falling penny can acquire a speed of anywhere between 50 to 80 KM/hour and even if it fells on someone’s head it won’t kill the person as the penny does not produce enough energy to penetrate through the skull upon contact.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: The Great Wall of China is Visible from Space.
Popular Myths
Sorry China, Your wall is long, prestigious and all but it is NOT visible from space. In fact it is not even visible from lower earth orbit which is around 160 KM vertical. The great Pyramids however are visible from space.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: 10% Brain Myth
Popular Myths
I wonder in how many science fiction movies and novels this is used. No matter how much you liked Scarlett Johansson’s film Lucy and Bradley Cooper’s film Limitless but the ‘10% brain use’ presented in the film is just a popular myth which was debunked half a century earlier. It is still a myth because it fascinates normal people. We use every part of our brain all the time even while we are asleep. No particular part of brain is inactive all the time.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: Left Brain and Right Brain Misconception.
Popular Myths
The brain is divided into two cerebral hemispheres and its a popular misconception that the two parts function in two different ways and one cerebral hemisphere can not learn and take decisions of other hemisphere. While cognitive processes could be dominated by one cerebral hemisphere but experiments have proved that if one part of brain is damage then still the bodily functions could be carried out by the other part as effectively.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: Lightning Does Not Strike Same Place Twice.
Popular Myths
Oh I wish. But this one is so false. In fact Lightning can strike same place multiple times. In fact there are several places in world where lightning strikes on a weekly basis. Empire state building alone is victim of dozens of lightning strike a year.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: Albert Einstein Failed in Mathematics.
Popular Myths
There goes your hope. You might have hoped that if the greatest genius of our time was not able to score in mathematics then its okay for you too. But this one is false too. Einstein himself claimed that he scored well in mathematics and physics during his school days. If it consoles you in any way then it was a Swiss school entrance test that he failed.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: Bulls are enraged by Color Red
Popular Myths
Even though Professional Matadors use Red Colored cloth to enrage bull but in reality it is the way matador uses that cloth (in a threatening manner) to enrage the bull. So next time you can freely wear your red shirt around a bull. Just make sure not to make eye contact.

Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions: Homo Sapiens Evolved From Chimps.
Popular Myths
No we did not evolved from Chimps but yes we share same ancestor with them.

Which Popular Myth Did you debunked?

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