Top 44 Most Popular Mythical Creatures (2018)

There is a huge list of mythical creatures that includes Greek mythical creatures, mythical sea creatures and humanoid mythical creatures.People considered many mythical creatures to be real.

Mythology has introduced use to many weird and scary creatures that we often think if they ever existed or were imagination of a brilliant mind. Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology, Chinese and Japanese Mythology have mainly affected a lot on the world’s culture. There were many legendary creatures introduced in these mythologies that actually forced to people to examine about their realities. Here we have chosen 44 most popular mythical creatures ever:

Popular Mythical Creatures

44. Pixiu

Pixiu is hybrid of Lion and Bird. It is popular in Chinese Mythology. It protects the followers of Feng Shui.
43. Ghoul

Ghouls are Gravediggers according to Arabian Mythology. They are evil spirits and eats flesh of dead ones.
42. Manticore

Manticore is part of Persian mythology. It has head of human, body of lion, wings of bat, tail of dragon or scorpion and voice of trumpet. It kills its venom by spraying venom from its tail.
41. Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is popular in Slavic Folklore where it is called as a legendary creature that dwells in deep forest. It flies in mortar and can either kill you or may help you, depends largely on its mood.
40. Pegasus

Pegasus is a horse like creature that that has large beautiful white wings and can fly long distances. It is popular in Greek mythology.
39. Chimera

Chimera is a hybrid creature and is popular in Greek Mythology. It has three heads – one of lion, one of goat and one of dragon. It flies with dragon wings, has body like lion and tail like a snake.
38. Banshees

Banshee is very scary woman spirit in Irish Mythology. If anyone hear or sees it crying then it means any of his loved one is going to die.
37. Tarasque

Tarasque have head like lion, legs like bear, tail like dragon and back like tortoise. It is said to protect ancient treasures from mankind.

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