Top 15 Most Venomous Snakes In the World (2018)

7. Black Tiger Snake

Tiger Snake were very deadly in the 1800s since there was no antivenin of tiger snake venom. Tiger Snake attack mainly causes severe pain in head and neck. It result in localized paralysis and extreme pain.
6. Cobra

Cobra is probably the oldest and most recognised snake species in the world. The word cobra actually means ‘with hood’ (Portuguese). Almost all sub species of cobra are venomous. Among them the deadliest cobra snakes are Forest Cobra, Caspian Cobra, King Cobra and Indian Cobra. Cobra raises their head and makes a hood in a threatening manner before attacking. They have accurate precision and they are aggressive in nature.
5. Many-Banded Krait

The Many-Branded Krait is common in Asia (Taiwan, China and Thailand). It is among the most venomous snakes in the world but one thing that may relax you is that many of its bites are empty. However if it is a venomous bite then you will have to look for immediate medical care as the many-braided krait is known for its super deadly venom.
4. Eastern Brown Snake

Australia has the reputation of being home hundreds of deadly animal species. It like god made Australia just for dangerous animals. It’s like achievement for Eastern Brown Snake to claim more human lives than any other snake species. Eastern Brown snake is third most venomous snake in the world but it is not as aggressive as black mamba. Still it is known for its ill temper and will attack whenever it feels insecure.
3. Black Mamba

Black Mamba is infamous for claiming thousands of human lives in past 100 years. Black Mamba is arguably the most fierce and most aggressive snake on planet. It is found mainly in Africa’s Saharan Deserts. Black Mamba has most accurate bite target as compared to any other snake. Black Mamba can deliver around 400 mg venom in one single bite. Only 15 mg venom is enough to kill a grown up man. Black Mamba is fearless and so aggressive that their attack is almost unpredictable. Black Mamba doesn’t stop after one bite, it will keep striking until its prey is dead. Black Mamba can run up to the speed of 20 KMPH and can jump up to 4 feet.
2. Coastal Taipan

Taipan species of snake is actually very venomous snake species and that is why we have to distinctly list Coastal Taipan as the most dangerous snake in the world. Coastal Taipan is found in the coastal regions of Australia. They are large in comparison to other Taipan snakes. They grow up to 1.2 metre. Victim of Coastal Taipan can die in 3 to 4 hours (if untreated). What makes Coastal Taipan dangerous is its aggressive behaviour.
1. Inland Taipan

While many do not consider Inland Taipan to be the most deadly snake of all time but we are placing it on the number one spot of most venomous snakes because the Inland Taipan has amazing accuracy and envenoms every time it hit. We are lucky that this deadly snake species is only confined to the remote region of Australia. Inland Taipan’s one bite is deadly enough to kill 100 grown up men. However they are not aggressive and try to run away from danger. They only attack when mishandled or threatened.

If any of your known one is bitten by a poisonous snake then rush them to hospital as soon as possible. Even though Snake venom is dangerous and deadly but if the victim gets quick medical attention then he/she could be saved.