Top 50 Most Famous Statues in the World (2018)

You won’t believe that some of the most famous statues in the world were built thousands of years ago and they still stand intact. This is the power of art which is much had huge impact on mankind than social media could ever have. Generation after generation the message of hope, love and peace was spread by legendary artists in the form of art. Building statues and sculptures was one integral part of such communication.

There is hardly any country in this world that does not have popular statues and sculptures of their own. In fact you will find hundreds of famous statues in countries like China, America, Brazil, India, Australia, United Kingdom and Russia. History states that modern art originated from medieval Italy and France. Even today millions of people admire art of Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci and legend Vincent Van Gogh. You can visit any European country and you will find dozens of Greek statues in that country.

To pay homage to such great artists we have enlisted here 50 most popular statues in the world. Most of the famous statues are dedicated to legendary kings or saints (Buddha and Jesus) while few others represents unique art form. So here are 50 most famous statues of the world –

Most Famous Statues

50. Kamagaya Great Buddha (Japan)

49. Buddha Dordenma statue (Bhutan)

48. El Cristo De Las Noas (Coahuila, Mexico)

47. The Knotted Gun (Turtle Bay, Luxembourg)

46. Les Bourgeois de Calais (France)

45. Pieta (Vatican City)

44. Bavaria statue (Munich, Germany)

43. South African War Memorial (Australia)

42. Christ Blessing (Indonesia)

41. The Veiled V!rgin (Rome, Italy)

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