Top 65 Most Famous People Ever (2018 Edition)

Google releases a list of Most famous people in the world annually. But Who are the most famous people of all time? Here are 65 most famous people of history.

When you look up for the list of most famous people, then google often shows most searched celebrities. The most searched people are different from the most famous person in manner that most searched people are momentarily popular while the most famous person ever are, well forever famous. Ed Gein is one of the most searched people on Internet, So is the Perron family while people like Plato, Einstein are popular forever and ever. Their popularity was passed on from generations and they were popular even when there was no google.

Here we have selected 65 most popular people of planet earth. You will find people of ancient times to people of modern era, but remember we have chosen only those people who had huge impact on the world and the culture. So here are 65 most famous people ever:

Most Famous People All Time

65. Usain Bolt
Most Famous People
He is the Fastest Man on earth.
64. J.R.R. Tolkien
Most Famous People
JRR Tolkien was the writer of Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy.
63. Stephen Hawking
Most Famous People
He is a Miracle of God.
62. Wright Brothers
Most Famous People
Wright Brothers were the scientist duo that invented modern airplane.
61. CS Lewis
Most Famous People
He was the British Novelist who Wrote Chronicles of Narnia.
60. Anne Frank
Most Famous People
She became international celebrity posthumously after her diary came into lime light. She shared her views and her life during World War 2 in Germany.
59. Alfred Hitchcock
Most Famous People
His movies are cult classics and there is no movie of Hitchcock that was not loved by fans.
58. Michael Jackson
Most Famous People
He is called as the King of Pop and the best singer, best dancer ever.
57. Steve Jobs
Most Famous People
He was the tech Genius who founded apple and became the greatest entrepreneur of all time.
56. Ronald Reagan
Most Famous People
US President who was known for his work against drugs and poverty, He received 68% approval ratings. \

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