Top 50 Most Famous Bridges in the World (2018)

Some of the most famous bridges in the world are in the developed countries such as US (New York), UK (London), France (Paris) and Italy (Venice). The main purpose of bridges is to increase inter-state and intercity connectivity. Bridges improves the trade among cities and states thus helping in the overall development of the country. You won’t believe that Bridges are so popular that they are often shown in movies and music videos.

Pick any disaster or sci fi movie and it will be incomplete without the destruction of a bridge. Of course everyone remembers the iconic scene from X-Men Last stand where Magneto collapse and uses the Golden Gate Bridge to destroy his enemies. Another popular bridge is the Tower Bridge in London.

Some of the iconic photos of 20 and 21 century involve bridges. Just browse them online and you will be amazed to see the astonishing classic pictures of these popular bridges. Here we have compiled a list of 50 most famous bridges of all time. Please note that we have not included just highest or longest bridges in this list but also have included those bridges that were either never complete or were just foot bridges. In short we have only included most popular bridges in the world in this list. We recommend you to visit them at least once in your life. So here are 50 most popular bridges -

Most Famous Bridges

50. Hussaini Hanging Bridge (PAKISTAN)

49. Carrick-a-rede Bridge (Ireland)

48. Half Bridge of Hope (Russia)

47. Coronado Bridge (San Diego, USA)

46. Smolen-Gulf Bridge (Ohio, America)

45. Octavio Frias De Oliveira Bridge (Brazil)

44. Mackinac Bridge (Michigan, USA)

43. The Royal Gorge Bridge (Colorado, America)

42. The Trift Bridge (Switzerland)

41. Donghai Bridge (Shanghai, China)

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