Top 52 Most Beautiful College Campuses in the US (2018)

This Year (2017) these 52 colleges were able to make it to the list of most beautiful college campuses in the US. Check our review of all these beautiful college campuses in america.

Education is the first and foremost factor to judge the quality any institution. However, there are few other minor factors that actually come into the mind of student while choosing the University of their Dreams. One among them is the beauty of the college campus. Of course it is a minor factor but still an important one. Here we have handpicked 50 most beautiful college campuses in America:

Most Beautiful College Campuses in America

50. Belmont University – Nashville, Tennessee
Beautiful College Campuses
While Belmont University holds the title of being the largest Christian University in the state, it is also among the most beautiful colleges in America.
49. Fordham University – New York City, New York
Beautiful College Campuses
Fordham University was established in 1841 and it was not much popular at the time. However as the years passed by the University became more and more popular due to its quality education and of course beautiful college campus.
48. Southern Methodist University – Dallas, Texas
Beautiful College Campuses
The most popular attraction of Southern Methodist University is the Dallas Hall that was made in 1915. The university is ranked among the most beautiful college campuses from past 100 years.
47. Rollins College – Winter Park, Florida
Beautiful College Campuses
Most will attribute the beauty of Rollins College to the Lake Virginia which is just few metres away. However Lake Virginia only adds up to the architectural beauty of the Rollins College. The European and Spanish style architecture surely makes your heart beat.
46. Salve Regina University – Newport, Rhode Island
Beautiful College Campuses
Many universities tend to renovate and restructure their college campuses however Salve Regina University focused on its old buildings and they are still intact and beautiful.
45. Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, Okalhoma
Beautiful College Campuses
It is not easy to be ranked among the best university in America as well as among the most beautiful college campus in University. Oklahoma State Unversity, however pull off both these awards magnificently.
44. Western State Colorado University – Gunnison, Colorado
Beautiful College Campuses
What if you get a chance to study in one of the most picturesque area in the country – The Rocky Mountains? It will be an offer that you cannot refuse. Luckily Western State Colorado University makes this dream come true.
43. St. Olaf College – Northfield, Minnesota
Beautiful College Campuses
Old is gold fits for the St. Olaf College (Northfield, Minnesota). The college was established in 1874 and the main attraction of the college is Magnificent Old Main which was completed in 1877.
42. Grinnell College - Grinnell, Iowa
Beautiful College Campuses
Grinnell College is known for its high quality education which includes moral duties. However there is one more reason to be attracted to this school and it is its 120 acre campus that adds up to its pride.
41. Harvard University - Cambridge, Massachusetts
Beautiful College Campuses
Harvard University is probably one of the most recognized universities in the world. It is among the oldest universities in the world and is also ranked among the most prestigious institution. Now of course to maintain its rank Harvard University does focus on its external beauty and we must admit that it is among the most beautiful universities in the world.

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