Top 51 Greatest Philosophers Ever (2018)

The Greatest Philosophers listed here have written some of the greatest philosophy books. People often quote the sayings of these great philosophers.

Philosophy is called as the love of wisdom and it is not bound to any one branch of wisdom. A philosopher can be a scientist, a mathematician, a socialist, an economist, an author, a priest and even a ruler. It is because the great thinkers that we advanced through generations and were able to explore the universe. Here is the list of 51 greatest philosophers who gave philosophies about life, god, society and the reason of existence:

Greatest Philosophers

51. Karl Popper
Greatest philosophers
Born in 1902, Karl Popper is known for his work on Empirical Falsification.
50. Niccolo Machiavelli
Greatest philosophers
Even though many people won’t favour his theory of Machiavellianism (which supported the killings of innocent for the benefits of powerful politician) yet it can not be denied that Niccolo Machiavelli is actually the father of Modern Political Science.
49. Jacques Derrida
Greatest philosophers
Jacques is known for his work on Postmodern Philosophy and his theory of deconstruction.
48. Ayn R@nd
Greatest philosophers
Russian Philosopher Ayn R@nd gained worldwide popularity after her revolutionizing theory of objectivis. She proposed the theory in her novel Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead (1943). According to this theory one’s motive of life is to find own happiness.
47. Maimonides
Greatest philosophers
Maimonides was not just a great philosopher of middle ages but also an astronomer and polymath.
46. William James
Greatest philosophers
William James’ The Principle of Psychology actually broke the traditional thinking about human psychology and became one of the best-selling non-fiction books of all time.
45. Michel de Montaigne
Greatest philosophers
Montaigne was a great philosopher who influenced the French Renaissance and became one of the most notable philosopher history has ever seen.
44. Willard Van Orman Quine
Greatest philosophers
Willard was called as one of the most influential philosopher of the twentieth century due to his work in philosophy and logic.
43. Arthur Schopenhauer
Greatest philosophers
Arthur studied Western philosophy as well as eastern philosophy and influenced from both he wrote the most popular philosophical book ‘The World as Will and Representation’.
42. Martin Heidegger
Greatest philosophers
Martin is known for his work on the interpretation of Biblical text and his work on phenomenology and existentialism.
41. Simone de Beauvoir
Greatest philosophers
Simone was a feminist philosopher who is also known for his work on thoughts about human existence.

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