Top 28 Greatest Leaders Ever (2018)

Most lists of greatest leaders includes just male leaders. We here made an unbiased list of greatest historical leaders that includes famous female leaders of history.

From time to time the human history has witnessed exceptional leaders and commanders who not only changed the world forever but left a legacy that inspired generations of come. Some of these leaders left positive and motivational impact on the world while many others just showed raw power. However no one can deny that both kinds of leaders actually changed the world.

Here are 28 greatest leaders of all time. You will find controversial dictators in the list but there is a reason to keep them here. Have a look on the greatest leaders ever list:

Greatest Leaders in history

28. Mother Teresa
Greatest Leaders
The one thing that Mother Teresa taught the world was selfless love. She died in 1997 and left a hole in the world. She inspired millions of people globally.
27. Mao Zedong
Greatest Leaders
Mao Zedong was born in 1893 and he is called as the founding father of republic of China. He was inspired from Marxist and Leninist theories, so he gave his own philosophy that is called as Maoism. He ruled china from 1945 to 1976.
26. Fidel Castro
Greatest Leaders
Even though Fidel Castro is a controversial figure in history but it cannot be denied that he had exceptional leadership skills. He led the Cuban revolution and was the ruler of country from 1959 to 2008 (until his death).
25. Swami Vivekananda
Greatest Leaders
You can understand the legacy of Swami Vivekananda by the fact that the reason Yoga is so popular in western world because of Swami. Vivekananda also popularized Hinduism in western world. His life is a source of inspiration and motivation.
24. Otto Von Bismarck
Greatest Leaders
Bismarck is recognized in history as the first chancellor of Germany but it cannot be denied that if it was not him then Germany would never have been a developed country as it is today. He was a conservative man.

23. Charlemagne
Greatest Leaders
The modern Europe that you see today was once just a dream of Charlemagne. He sat on the Frankish throne in 768 and under his rule he unified many countries of Europe. It included France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Italy and Belgium.
22. Elizabeth 1 Of England
Greatest Leaders
It is now well known fact that when Elizabeth 1 of England sat on throne the country was going through a huge economic and social depression. People were losing their trust in government. However Elizabeth 1 of England came out as an exceptional leader and took the country to new heights.
21. Joan of Arc
Greatest Leaders
The respect and love that Joan of Arc gained in 18 years of her life, other people can only dream of it. Joan of arc inspired the whole country of France during Lancastrian phase and her martyrdom only added to the utter love and respect that people have for her.

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