Top 5 New Female EDM Artists To Watch in 2018

Hot New Female EDM Artists to Watch

In 2017, picking a list of a top 5 anything is about as hard as it gets. There’s more great EDM music in the world than ever before, and with today’s production tools talent of all types have no excuse when trying to make their mark. In this instance, we’ll focus on the cream of the crop in 2017’s female artists in the EDM scene. From producing their own music to crafting infectious hooks and vocals, these ladies know how to throw a show and release music that will surely be the soundtrack to your next unforgettable Summer dance party.

Bebe Rexha

Best EDM Artist

New York born singer, songwriter, producer and all around talent Bebe Rexha has been quickly rising to the top of pop music scene. Before penning her own chart-topping hits, Rexha had behind-the-scenes successes by co-writing hits for some of today’s top talent like Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Cash Cash. Since releasing her debut EP in 2015, Rexha has continued to rack up millions of plays online and Billboard Hot 100 spots through her singles, collaborations and guest vocal contributions. 2017 is set to be her biggest year yet with the announcement of her first headlining tour and increased traction via her latest Billboard charting single “I Got You”.

“I Got You” -

Betty Moon

Best EDM Artist

Los Angeles producer/songwriter Betty Moon knows a thing or two about giving music junkies what they seek. Moon has touched multiple genres over her career, and with her latest singles “Sound” and “Liar”, she’s proved that clubs, radio and the internet can’t get enough. The multi-talented songstress crafts EDM hits that are smart, well produced and are sure to be the continued talk of music bloggers and fans alike.

“Sound” -

Alison Wonderland

Best EDM Artist

Infectious, sometimes dark, often experimental but always stuck in your head. Alison Wonderland is a new artist that will catch you when you least suspect, and with each music video will blow your mind further into the stratosphere. With huge beats, sticky leads and a beautiful voice, this Sydney based artist is poised to work her way to the top simply because she has no set boundaries.

“U Don’t Know ft. Wayne Coyne” -


Best EDM Artist

Australian DJ and songwriter Tigerlily has been a favorite in her home country for many years, and is quickly expanding her presence worldwide. She continues to build momentum with tours under her belt, countless European treks, massive festivals around North America and even a run with Tiesto. DJing since the age of 18, Tigerlily now enters her late 20’s with top charting singles, international tour dates and major label deals in the US and Australia. Tigerlily’s buzz continues to grow with her 2017 hits “Invisible Children” (w/ KSHMR) and “Skyline” (w/ Nick Martin).

“Feel The Love ft. Nat Dunn” -

Dua Lipa

Best EDM Artist

English singer-songwriter and model Dua Lipa has had a very busy couple of years since hitting the scene in 2015. Since signing with Warner Bros. Records she has had countless singles and hits around the world, including her singles “Hotter Than Hell” and “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)”. Lipa has worked with notable artists like Sean Paul, Martin Garrix and has won multiple awards from BBC, MTV and MTV Europe. With all her traction, she is now set to release her self-titled debut album on June 2, 2017.

“Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” -

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