Top 22 Fat Actors Who Had Weight Issues But Overcame it (2018)

11. Brendan Fraser

There are many theories on why Brendan Fraser is not given any roles today. The most common reason among them all is that the charming Brendan lost his ripped physique and gained extra pounds. Even though he lost few pounds but he still is far away from his ripped self.
10. Matt Damon

Matt Damon changed from a drama actor to an action hero with his Bourne series. However the actor was once overweight and struggled to get fit. But strong determination and positivity helped Damon to get even a better and more ripped physique.
9. John Travolta

John Travolta started gaining weight in the early 90s and by the end of millennia he became an overweight celebrity. Ever since then he is struggling from weight issues. But we hope John would overcome these problems.
8. Steven Seagal

There are few reports online that call Steven a not so good guy. Steven was a popular action hero in the 90s and his action movies were one of its kind. However with age steven gained weight and now is an overweight actor.
7. Alec Baldwin

When Charming actor Alec Baldwin gained weight most people factored it with age and called it a no issue. But Alec was determined to set an example. He lost 30 pounds and looked a better man.
6. Val Kilmer

When Val Kilmer stepped into Hollywood, everyone considered him the next big thing. However Val was not able to live up to high expectations. He gained a lot of weight in 00s.
5. Jon Favreau

The famous Ironman and The Jungle Book director had an amazing physique in the 90s. Though he is struggling with weight since 00s but he showed several times that anyone can lose weight if determined enough.
4. Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn actually stopped caring about his overweight physique long time but this does not mean that he crossed the boundaries. Vince still managed to be in a healthy physique.
3. Christian Bale

The weight loss and weight gain journey of Christian Bale is well documented. He skinned down himself to merely 50 pounds for his role in 2003 film The Machinist. As soon as he finished Machinist he got the offer to play Batman. Christian soon gained more than 100 pounds to play the dark knight in Christopher Nolan’s film.
2. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling gained a few pounds for his 2007 film Lars and the real girl. Ryan gained 60 pounds for The Lovely Bones film of Peter Jackson. However his vision for the character was different from the director’s vision. So peter Jackson rejected him when he showed up on the set as an overweight man. Ryan called it the rock bottom of his career but he soon overcame it and actually made our jaw drop from his physique in 2011 film Cray Stupid Love.
1. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is one of the finest examples of recent times of how person can go from fat to fit if he is determined. Though we all miss the adorable fat Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation but the ‘Star Lord’ Chris Pratt soon became our favorite Marvel Superhero. Chris Pratt lost a total of 60 pounds i.e. 27 KG in a short span of six months. Chris advised that one should not workout too much and eat too little to get the perfect physique. Just balance your diet with a lot of water and you will get the best out of yourself.

Who is among your inspirations in weight loss and weight gain? Share your fat loss story with us.