10 Egyptian Pyramid Facts that Will Make you Question Their Existence (2018)

How many ancient Egyptian pyramid facts do you know about? Here are top 10 interesting Egyptian pyramid, sphinx and mummy facts.

Pyramids are mystical structures. None other human made structure has gained such popularity and curiosity as the pyramids. While most people link Pyramids with the Great Pyramids of Egypt but you might be surprised to know that there were hundreds of pyramids structures found all around the globe (Looks like the ancient civilizations were in love with pyramid shaped structures). Though all Pyramids hold a special place in archaeological findings but we here are going to discuss about the most mystical of them all - The Egyptian Pyramids. The Egyptians Pyramids are said to be build around 2630 BC - 2611 BC. Thousands of years have passed but No one is still able to decode the mysteries behind these pyramids.

Pyramids - Who Built Them and Why?

Here we have collected 10 Interesting Egyptians Pyramids Facts that raises serious questions on their existence:

Egyptian Pyramid Facts 1: The Great Pyramid of Giza made by Pharaoh Khufu consists estimated 2.3 Million stone blocks with each stone block weighing in between 2 to 30 tonnes. The heaviest stone block is estimated to be 50 tonnes.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts

It is assumed that the stone blocks used to build pyramids were chiseled and moved from a stone quarry to the construction site. But how is it humanely possible to transport a single stone block weighing at least 2 tonnes from a quarry to the site of pyramids and that too in the era when wheel was not invented. As the structure was in Pyramid shape, think about the effort that the workers put in placing the stone blocks on the top of pyramid. A given theory is that the stone blocks were transported on wooden sleds. The stones used in the chamber of Pharaoh were transported from Aswan, a city in south Egypt which is nearly 800 kilometer (500 miles) away from the construction site. And to make this fact more astonishing, there was Nile river flowing in between and the stones were to be transported by boat to cross the river. So In short, a group of workers placed the well carved stone blocks (weighing at least 2 tonnes) on a wooden sled and then transported it 800 km away (while crossing the NILE river in between) to construction site. Is it Humanely Possible?

Egyptian Pyramid Facts 2: Greek Historian Herodotus was told by Egyptian Priest (450 BC) that the Great Pyramids were built by 400,000 Workers. They work in 3 months shift with at least 100,000 Workers working at a time.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts

Earlier it was believed that the Pyramids were built by slaves. But the findings in modern archaeology suggests that the pyramids were built by highly skilled workers (not slaves) who considered it an honor to build such an architectural master piece for the pharaoh. The number of workers that build the pyramids of Giza varies from 100,000 men to 400,000 men. But it has been suggested that the workers were divided in large groups and worked in shifts. To consider that 400,000 workers (and that too skilled labors) helped in building the pyramid is an amazing fact itself. Firstly, architecture was surely on its peak as there were at least 100,000 skilled architect working on the project. Secondly, to consider the number of people involved raises the question that why pyramids were so important. Of course they are documented as being the burial sites of the pharaohs. But The pyramid of Giza alone took 100,000 skilled workers and there are around 140 pyramids alone in the Egypt. Was everyone alive in that era and at that place was involved in building the pyramid? This surely increase the importance of pyramids because no other time in whole known history such huge man-force has been involved (except other than wars). Surely Pyramids were of much larger significance and importance for ancient Egyptians.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts 3: The Great Pyramid of Giza were built in a time of 10 to 20 years. It took an average 200 years to complete almost all known pyramids in Egypt.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts

Pyramids were not just built at one time and at one place. In fact in the era of Egyptian Pharaohs, Pyramids were built in every kingdom and there are around 138 pyramids in Egypt alone. All the pyramids are on the west bank of River Nile. The great pyramid of Giza alone took 10 to 20 years to complete. Lets assume that it took 20 years and as we already discussed that the great pyramid of Giza has around 2.3 million stone blocks weighing around 6 million tonnes. So it would mean that around 800 tonnes of stone block was transported every day on an average of 288 stone blocks. On further simplification it means that every hour around 12 stone blocks were placed in the pyramid. 400,000 men worked day and night continuously for 20 long years to achieve this architectural masterpiece. That itself is a huge accomplishment.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts 4: The great Pyramid of Giza stood 146.5 meters tall when it was completed and held the record for being the tallest man made structure for 3800 years.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts

The current height of Pyramid is around 138.8 meters but at one point it stood 146.5 meters tall and it was the tallest man made structure until Lincoln Cathedral in the United Kingdom broke the record in 1311. So for 3800 years no human civilization was able to build as phenomenal structure as the great pyramid. It implies that how advance the Egyptian civilization was at that time in the fields of mathematics, metallurgy and architecture.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts 5: Around 500,000 tonnes of Mortar (Petrie’s “cement”) was used in the construction of Great Pyramid. The chemical structure of the mortar is still unknown.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts

Many other civilizations too built beautiful structures in their time period. But due to natural calamities such as earthquakes and flood, the buildings were damaged and/or completely destroyed. However The Great Pyramid of Giza still stand intact even after 5000 years. The pyramid of Giza has seen many earthquakes and one such massive earthquake took in 1303 AD which resulted in loss of casing stones of Great Pyramid. But even after that the Pyramid stand intact. Archaeologist said that the reason for this stability was the mortar used in construction o Pyramids. The mortar used is of unknown origin and its chemical composition is still not known.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts 6 : The Casing stones used to build pyramids were cut carefully with an Accuracy of seked (Egyptian Mathematical Unit) of 5 1/2 palms to give required dimension.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts

Each stone of the 2.3 million stone blocks used in building the pyramid was cut carefully with high mathematical accuracy. Read it Again. EVERY SINGLE STONE OF THE 2.3 MILLION STONE BLOCKS WAS CUT WITH MATHEMATICAL ACCURACY BY DIFFERENT MEN AT DIFFERENT PLACES FOR 20 YEARS. What if a stone was cut wrong? What they did with that 2 tonne piece of rock? Or were they so skilled craftsman that the error was either negligible or there was no error at all. Even if the were cut in specific dimensions then what if they were distorted by some other elements as they were to be transported from the stone quarry (where the stone was cut) to construction site and some quarries were as far as 800 kilo meters away. So what if a beautiful carved stone fell into river or the shape was distorted as it might have not been transported carefully? As discussed earlier in the post that at least 12 stone blocks were placed every hour so it means that the chances of error and rejection were highly negligible. This further suggest that every single men involved in the building of pyramid was a skilled person in his field. Imhotep was the main architect behind the Great Pyramids. Oh Did i also told u that the Casing stones shined like jewelry and they were said to visible from a mountain top in Israel and if somehow someone went on the moon at that time then too they would be visible from moon.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts 7: The Great Pyramid Faces True North with a minor error of 3/60th degree.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts

Till now we have discussed the stone blocks and mortar used in the construction and the time and labor it took to achieve this master feat. Now we will discuss other factors that make the Pyramids amazing. The Great Pyramid of Giza also known as The Pyramid of Cheops has four base sides with a minimal error of 58 millimetres and the four sides are aligned on the four points of compass. This means that the Pyramid faces true north always. Even measured today it gives an error of 3/60th degree but that’s because of the fact that north pole has moved in thousand years. This means that The Pyramid faces true north when it was constructed. But how were the Egytpians able to calculate true north in a time when there was no compass. It further complexes the situation when we get to now that Egyptians believed earth to be flat and Nile river to be flowing through its center.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts 8: The inside Temperature of Pyramid is calculated to be constantly of 20 degree Celsius (68 Degree Fahrenheit).

Egyptian Pyramid Facts

Egypt is a sunny country and temperature can go up to 45 degree Celsius (113 degree Fahrenheit). But despite that the temperature of the inside of pyramid is a constant of 20 degree Celsius. It is also the average temperature of Mother Earth.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts 9: The Great Pyramid of Khufu along with the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure are aligned according to the Orion Constellation.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts

The Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure are the three largest pyramid in the Giza Pyramid Complex.Robert Bauval in his 1983 theory proposed that these three great pyramids were intentionally aligned by constructors of pyramid in respect with the Orion Constellation. He supported his theory with the fact that Orion constellation was associated with Egyptian god Osiris who was god of rebirth and afterlife. The three pyramids represents the three stars in Orion constellation while the nile river represent the milky way galaxy. Many conspiracy theory says that the pyramids were not built by Human beings but by aliens and they aligned the pyramid with orion constellation possibly because they belonged to one of the planet in that star system. We do not say this but to think about how perfectly the three pyramids were aligned with the stars in that time, that is amazing.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts 10: The great Pyramid is said to be the Center of Land Mass. In Simpler words, The Great Pyramid is the Geographical center of the earth.

Egyptian Pyramid Facts

The Geometrical Center of all land masses of earth is 30°00′N 31°00′E which is the location of the great pyramid of Giza. So Once again, the question is was it coincidence or was the Egyptian civilization so advanced that the calculated the geographical center of the earth and then decided to make a big deal about it. Possibly this is the reason that drove the enthusiasm of 400,000 men to work continuously for 20 years in building the biggest architectural master piece of all times.

What you think about the pyramids? Are they just amazingly built man made structures or do they really suggest that we are not alone?

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