60 Cross Tattoos Ideas and Designs For Men and Women 2018

Boys and girls prefer cross tattoos drawings on hand, chest and arm. Here are the best cross tattoos designs from men and women both.

Cross tattoo designs are not only popular among religious people but also among people who look for cool tattoo designs. Cross tattoos do have a religious significance but one cannot deny the fact that most people wearing cross tattoo designs do not have deep faith in religions. I will suggest that if you wear a cross tattoo design than do follow Christianity as it is religion of love and peace. Here we have chosen 60 beautiful cross tattoo designs for male and female both:

Cross Tattoos

1. A red colour cross tattoo design on the rib cage would look good.

2. Cross with banner tattoo design are common and wrist is good place to have them.

3. Celtic cross tattoo designs were made popular in 1900s and they are still very famous.

4. A realistic wooden cross tattoo design with praying hands in the foreground.

5. Here is a simple version of Celtic cross tattoo design on the back of this guy.

6. Another varied version of cross tattoo with names on it on the back of this girl.

7. A Beautiful cross tattoo design with a blue star on foreground on the ankle of this boy.

8. Angel wings with cross tattoo are perfect combination and you can proudly wear them on your chest.

9. A cross chain tattoo design would look good too and it would be more meaningful if it is dedicated to someone.

10. Large angel wings with small cross tattoo design on the back of this woman.

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