Top 50 Cool Cloud Tattoos For Men and Women (2018)

Cloud tattoos do not have a deep meaning. In fact most people use cloud tattoos as cover ups or as an excuse for a temporary design. Boys and girls both like to have cloud tattoos and they are not considered feminine at all. Here is photo gallery of 50 amazing cloud tattoo design for both men and women:

Cloud Tattoos

1. One of the most common cloud tattoos design is a mix up cloud tattoos with stars. Here is a picture of Cloud tattoos with stars.

2. If you are looking for temporary cloud tattoos then such design would be good.

3. A cloud tattoo with stars is not new but it will look more beautiful if you add a moon to it.

4. Another interesting idea would be to have cloud tattoos with lightning bolts.

5. You do not have to opt for just cloud tattoos; you can actually show a street or city with clouds hovering over it just like this design.

6. Most people show calm cloud tattoos but you can opt for a heavily raining cloud tattoos. Here is a raining cloud tattoo design with a sea.

7. How about a hot air balloon tattoo stuck in dark clouds? It would be scary but attractive.

8. That is a poor imagination of stairway to heaven but you can try this design temporarily.

9. You can have a mix up of fallen angel and cloud tattoo. As you can see this picture an angel is falling from the cloud to the earth.

10. Personally I think Small cloud tattoos would look way more beautiful than the king size cloud tattoos. Have a look yourself.

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