Top 22 Clash of Clans Tips, Tricks and Secrets 2018

Clash of Clans is arguably the most popular mobile game in the world. It is among the most downloaded game in Google Playstore and Apple store. This shows that the game equally dominates the mobile gaming field on both Android and iOS platform. Due to the Popularity of Clash Of Clans it is obvious that new users get attracted to it. Supercell the game studio that developed Clash of Clans updates the game on a monthly basis. Every now and then we get to hear about interesting troop, spell and other updates in Clash of Clans. With so many going around in the clash world it gets confusing to for new players (and even advanced players) to lead in Clash of Clans. Here we share with 22 most important tips, tricks and secrets of Clash of Clans –

Clash of Clans Tip 1 – SAVE GEMS
This is by far the most important tip for all the clashers around the globe. You begin with 250 Gems and 2 builders in the beginning of the game. The third builder cost 500 gems and the third and fourth builder cost 1000 gems and 2000 gems. This means that you have to spend a total of 3500 gems on builder only. Most people buy gems to get the remaining 3 builders but you can save money and still get the 3 builders. You can earn around 8500 gems by completing the achievements in Clash of clans. Another advantage of saving gems is that you can cash on the gems during events like 1 Gem army Boost, 1 Gem Resources Boost and during important Clan wars.
Clash of Clans Tips
Clash of Clans Tip 2 – Upgrade Elixir Demanding Buildings First
Clashers often get confused on what to upgrade first when the upgrade to a new town hall level. I will strongly advise you to upgrade Buildings that cost Elixir (Barracks, Dark Barracks, Army Camps, and Laboratory). Why? By upgrading Barracks you will get to unlock stronger troops (Wizards, Dragons, PEKKA, Baby Dragons, Miner, Hog Rider etc) thus ensuring a stronger army composition. By Upgrading Army Camps you will get to take more troops to war with you. Laboratory should be the first structure that you should upgrade as soon as you upgrade to new town hall level. After you upgrade all the Elixir costing buildings you will be able to save more elixir to your storage. This means you can train a stronger army (Dragons, PEKKA or Baby Dragons) that are costly. With stronger army you will able to loot town halls of same level and even of higher level. Also you will progress in Trophy count and loot good amount of dark elixir.

Clash of Clans Tip 3 – Keep your base Clean from Obstacles
This might sound as a bogus tip to many but keeping your base clean will help in two things. First of all obstacles have gems hidden in them. You will find anywhere between 1 to 5 gems in almost every tree, trunk or mushroom. Secondly you get more space to place your structures and try any type of base design. Obstacles grow in every 8 hours. By cleaning base you will give more space for new obstacles to grow.

Clash of Clans Tip 4 – Air Units are better than Ground Units
From Town hall 1 to Town Hall 11, there is one understood rule that Air Army is better than ground Army. At town hall 6 and below you can defeat any village base of same level with Giant Healer Combination. The clan castle upgrade to level 2 at Town hall 4. This means you can take a Healer with you in clan and attack with the unbeatable Giant Healer Combo at Town Hall 4 itself. At Town hall 7 and beyond you can try air attacks like all dragons, all baby dragons, Lava Hound plus Balloon and Archer plus Minion. Cannons and Mortars are useless among air attack and if the air defences are taken care of, you can defeat any village base.

Clash of Clans Tip 5 – Know Your Trophy Range
There was a time when Clashers used to keep their trophy count low so that they match with weak bases with high loot. Supercell upgraded their algorithm of matchmaking and has improved it to impressive levels. However, there is still a basic rule that you get better matchmaking in a certain trophy range. For example if you are at Town Hall 6 then your trophy range should be anywhere between 1000 to 1200 trophies. Below 1000 trophies you will get very low loot (though there are some exceptions). Above 1200 trophies you will get super strong bases that are hard to defeat. Add 200 trophies (in 1200) for town hall 7 or subtract 200 trophies (from 1000) for town hall 5.

Clash of Clans Tip 6 –Upgrade your heroes to Max Level
Most clashers don’t feel the need to upgrade Heroes (Barbarian King, Archer Queen and Grand Warden) to max levels. You should not upgrade your town hall to next level until your heroes are maxed upgraded. Town Hall 9 is very crucial for Heroes Upgrade as Your Barbarian King and Archer Queen can be upgraded to level 30. Do not move to Town Hall 10 unless BK and AQ are max upgraded.

Clash of Clans Tip 7 – Use Elixir Troops instead of Dark Elixir Troops
It is hard to loot Dark Elixir. Even if you fill your dark elixir storage, you might have to spend it to either upgrade your heroes or to upgrade any dark elixir troops in Laboratory. A general rule is to use costly dark elixir troops (such as Golem and Lava Hound) in Clan Wars Only. You can take minions with you for loot but a better opinion would be to use elixir troops such as Dragons or Baby Dragons.

Clash of Clans Tip 8 – Take Clan Castle troops on Loot too
Don’t feel shy to ask your clan for troops when you are going on loot. In fact at Town hall 6 and below, you can overkill any base with good clan castle troops. Ask for Healer if you are at town hall 6 or below in clan. At town hall 7 and beyond you can ask for Balloons or dragons or baby dragons in clan along with Earthquake spell.

Clash of Clans Tip 9 – Join a Clan that Donate Troops
If you want to perform better in Clash of Clans then it is necessary that you join a clan that donate troops regularly. It is better if you join a clan of friends or family.

Clash of Clans Tip 10 – Archers are Best Troops
Believe it or not but archers find use at higher town hall levels too. Archers are best troops for farming.

Clash of Clans Tip 11 – Complete Achievements

You can win around 8500 gems by completing achievements in Clash of Clans. Not only they increase interest in the game but also give rewards that you can cash on to buy builders or to boost army training.

Clash of Clans Tip 12 – Participate in COC events
Every now and then Supercell organizes a clash of clans event where you can win anywhere around 30 to 50 gems by successfully completing it. Participate in such events and win free gems.

Clash of Clans Tip 13 – Do not upgrade town Hall until EVERYTHING is maxed out
By everything I mean your heroes, your troop levels in laboratory, your defense structures, your army buildings, resource buildings and of course Walls. You might get to spend anywhere around 6 to 9 months on Town Hall 9 and beyond but it is worth it. A lot of people opt for town hall rush where they keep upgrading Town Hall and do not focus on other buildings. If you do so then believe me you will not be able to loot as you will be matched with strong bases and your weak troops will not be able to defeat them. Also your defense will be defeated easily by stronger armies and you will not be able to store any gold, elixir or dark elixir. In short there will be no use of you playing Clash of Clans in such scenarios.

Clash of Clans Tip 14 – Upgrade Defensive Buildings that attack both Ground and Air
In short, Upgrade Wizard Towers before Mortars and Archer towers before cannons. I generally upgrade Air Defenses then Hidden Teslas followed by Wizard Towers and Archer Towers. After that I upgrade Mortars and in the end I upgrade Cannons.

Clash of Clans Tip 15 – Upgrade Walls in Last
You might not find any difficulty in upgrading walls at Town hall 5 and below but after that upgrading walls cost a lot of gold (and elixir). It is better if you upgrade them in the last. Walls are useless in front of air troops, hog riders, jump spell and earthquake spell. They can be easily destroyed by multiple wall breakers. This means that they are not worth investing in the beginning. It is better if you focus on upgrading other structures.

Clash of Clans Tip 16 – Start and Participate in Clan Wars Regularly
If you are a Clan leader then start Clan war atleast once in a week. If you are Clan member then ask your clan leader to start clan war on a weekly basis. Participate in Clan war as you get to learn a lot about attack and Defense strategies. Also you get a good amount of war win bonus.

Clash of Clans Tip 17 – Empty your Clan treasury and Loot Cart when necessary
Loot cart and Clan treasury hold extra gold and Elixir that cannot be raided by opponents. Even if someone loots your clan treasury you will lose small amount of gold, elixir and dark elixir.

Clash of Clans Tip 18 – Donate Troops
Help your clanmates and they will help you. Donate troops regularly.

Clash of Clans Tip 19 – Finish Single Player Missions
Clashers often neglect or forget about Single Player Missions. They are good source of loot and also you can try your new army combinations on the Goblin bases in single player missions. You will also win gems by completing all missions.

Clash of Clans Tip 20 – Take Revenges
One good thing about Clash of Clans is that you can take revenge from Clashers who attacked your bases. The positive side of this benefit is that you can check the base of your opponent and train your army accordingly. So take revenge whenever your opponent is storing a good amount of elixir, gold and dark elixir.

Clash of Clans Tip 21 – Stay Loyal to One Clan
A Minor tip is that you should stay loyal to one clan only. Find the best clan for yourself and then be a permanent member of it. This increases trust among clan members and you get help during loot and clan wars.

Clash of Clans Tip 22 – Reach the 3200 Trophy Target
Become a Champion at least once in Clash of Clans. For this you have to reach to the 3200 trophy target. If you successfully become a champion you will be winning around 3500 gems (250+1000+2000).

So these are most important tips that you should follow while in the Clash of Clans world. We regularly add new tips to this list as Clash of Clans often brings massive updates.

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