Top 8 Best Smartwatches in 2018

Most people don’t look for best smartwatches but instead look for a reason to buy a smartwatch. Although Sony and Samsung proudly launched there beautiful smartwatches in early 2010s but still this tech gadget was unable to strike chord with common people. Even though the rise in smartphones sales was exponential in past couple of years yet the related product (smartwatch) failed to produce equal (or even half) number of sales. The smartwatch companies blamed it to poor functionality of smartwatches and worked on improving. By 2015 major tech companies like Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG and Asus manufactured some of the best smartwatches in market. This increased a healthy competition and thus improved the quality of modern smartwatches. Come 2017 and now you can see a good variety among smartwatches thus confusing you to choose the best product. Here we review the 10 best smartwatches for android (and apple iphone) in 2018 -

Best Smartwatch Available in 2018

8. Asus Zenwatch 2 -

Asus is known for providing good quality smartphones at a very affordable price range. The Asus Zenwatch was one of the best smartwatch available under the price of $100. Asus Zenwatch 2 costs $120 but to be honest it is an impressive upgrade from Asus Zenwatch. Asus products are often blamed for being prone to damage but the company has done considerable work in making a durable watch. It was evident from Asus Zenwatch but with Zenwatch 2 Asus has improved its water resistance and steel quality. Also Asus Zenwatch is available in multiple colors with exchangeable straps.
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7. Sony SmartWatch 3 -

Sony revolutionized the smartwatch market when it introduced its first android wear but it met with mixed reviews. Sony improved the functionality of its smartwatch with second generation and made it even better with Smartwatch 3. It has 512 MB ram with a quad core processor. The 1.6 inch screen size might be too big for few but over time you will get used to it. Sony Smartwatch 3 has 4 GB internal storage. The strap is extremely smooth making it a comfortable android wear. The built-in GPS technology is good for runners but if you are driving you have to use phone. Sony Smartwatch 3 is best for music lovers.
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6. Moto 360 2nd Gen -

Motorola Moto 360 was criticized as being all fashion and no impressive functionality at all. Motorola overcame the functionality issue with Second generation Moto 360 while managed to keep the impressive look and style of original Moto 360. The most amazing thing about Moto 360 Second generation is that it comes designs that suits both men and women (of all wrist sizes). Moto 360 was among the bestselling smartwatches in UK and US. The second generation of Moto 360 is repeating the success of the original smartwatch. Moto 360 Second generation is recommended to swimmers because it can stay longer in water without facing any problem. If you like playing golf or going to gym regularly or even love jogging then you should try the other version Moto 360 sport.
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5. Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch -

Fitbit Blaze designed its smartwatch with just one motive in mind – to provide the best fitness tracker in the world. The reviews and ratings of this smartwatch proved that Fitbit amazingly achieved its goals. The Fitbit Blaze smartwatch is the highest rated smartwatch on sites like amazon and ebay. Also this smartwatch is exclusively made for helping bodybuilders and fitness trainers to track their activity with ease. The battery life of this watch can last up to 3 days (Jaw dropped). It can track your heart rate, your sleep cycle, your steps and workout. Also it has GPS ability making it easy for you to use it without phone. Fitbit Blaze can connect with Apple iPhone, Windows phones and Android phones without any problem. It also has feature that makes it easy for you to reject calls and messages in one go. The affordable price makes it superior over Moto 360 second generation.
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4. Pebble 2 Plus -

Pebble introduced a serious competition in Smartwatch market. The brand became famous globally ever since it raised $10 million for its smartwatch project on Kickstarter. The people in Pebble Company had a simple target to make a watch that doesn’t lose the look and functionality of a simple watch and also provide the optimum functions to be called as a smartwatch. They came up with Pebble Watch which was a hit. The success of Pebble watch motivated the company to launch a successor Pebble watch 2. Even more functionalities were added to Pebble watch 2 PLUS. I would recommend to plus version to all health enthusiasts (especially runners) because this is the best fitness tracker in the market. Another advantage of Pebble watch is that it falls in the cheap or affordable price range. The heart rate monitor and the activity tracker helps you keep track of your progress in gaining the best physique. If you are confused among Pebble 2 and Pebble 2 plus then please go with the plus version and you won’t regret it.
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3. Huawei Watch -

One reason that people don’t get attracted to smartwatches is that they lose the watch-like design and doesn’t give feel of wearing a watch. Huawei understood this problem and overcame it with its simple yet attractive smartwatch. The display of Huawei watch gets the most praise among other features. Many compared it with the Apple Watch Series display, making it comfortable for the viewer’s eyes to look at it in bright sunshine. Also Huawei watch is upgradable to Android Wear 2.0 thus giving it an edge over other smartwatches. The only downside of this watch is its battery life. You will need to charge it at least once a day. A 100% battery will drain out in around 18 to 24 hours. If you want to opt for a smartwatch that does not look too techy on hands then Huawei Smartwatch is the best pick for you.
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2. Samsung Gear S3 -

There are two versions of Samsung Gear S3 available online. One is the Gear S3 Classic and other is the Gear S3 Frontier. The only difference among these versions is that Gear S3 Frontier offers LTE connectivity in major cities. Now coming back to the review I would say that Samsung is the only company that has improved amazingly in the smartwatch sector. The original Samsung Gear Smartwatch was loaded with so many features that it actually annoyed users. With Samsung Gear S2, Samsung improved the battery life and the app functionality of the smartwatch. However, with Gear S3 Samsung has taken the android smartwatch competition to whole another level. If you are looking for the best android Smartwatch in 2017 then this is it. Samsung Gear S3 has larger battery life (380 mah) which is 80mah more than S2. Also Samsung increased the screen size to .1 inch making it a 1.3 inch smartwatch. This might be a big size for many butit isn’t as heavier as Fossil Q series. Another improvement was the RAM size that was increased from 512 MB (Gear S2) to 768 MB in Gear S3. This smartwatch is waterproof and you can dip it for 20 to 30 minutes in water without any worry. Now we all have seen that how brutally Samsung tests its products and Gear S3 was no different. Samsung Gear S3 can survive fall from tall heights, overheat and over freeze. This makes it a tough wear. Gear S3 is compatible with Android OS 4.4 or above. Gear S3 operates on the Tizen based OS and it allows the user to use the watch’s bezel as a scroller. Also, Gear S3 is probably the best Fitness tracker smartwatch, thanks to S Health. It comes with 4GB internal storage and it looks cute while charging (due to the unique charger).All in all Samsung Gear S3 is the best android smartwatch available in market in 2017 and if your pocket allows then look no further and go for Gear S3.
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1. Apple Watch Series 2 -

People will buy anything Apple. That is true when you see that people actually accepted the square design of Apple Watch. But to be honest Apple did brought a lot of improvement in smartwatch manufacturing. It was evident from the fact that Apple watch series 1 was rated as the best smartwatch in market for 2 long years. People were expecting improvement in several features (battery life and display) and Apple overwhelmed its users with the amazing features of Series 2. First of all Apple watch Series 2 comes with built-in GPS technology. This means that you don’t have to carry your iphone everywhere with it. Another plus point is that Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof. Although the battery life of Apple watch series 1 was above average yet Apple improved the battery life (3.2 gram heavier) and now it can last up to 2 days. One thing that everyone praised about Apple Watch series 2 was the high resolution (390 ppi) thus making it easy to use it in shiny sunlight too. I won’t call it as a great fitness tracker but the other features make it worth buying. There are two buttons on the side of Apple Watch Series 2. One is the clickable button that takes you to the menu and opens an app. Second is the scroll button (a smart move by apple) that makes it easy for you to read messages on your smartwatch without placing hands over it. The vibration is pleasant and thus it won’t annoy you whenever a new notification arrives. Due to the dual core processor you can easily switch among the apps. There are two variants available – 38mm and 42mm. I would suggest you to choose the 42mm version because this smartwatch is like a tiny iPhone and you would not enjoy a smaller size once you get addicted to it.
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So which Smartwatch are you going to buy? What specs and features you look in a smartwatch

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